Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Lacrosse MVP in the family

Two years ago Taylor was the captain of the high school Lacrosse team and took home an MVP trophy.  This year Blake was a captain on his high school team.  Thursday night we had the Lacrosse banquet and Blake was awarded the Defensive MVP award!  This was especially nice since he was still stinging a bit from his teams' loss to Santa Monica last weekend in the championship game.  Yes, its been a busy week for our Blaker!  Congratulations!


Shannon said...

way to go blaker!!! boston just bought a lacrosse stick, he is loving this sport and starts his lacrosse camp next week. i think we need to talk to blake!!

Idaho Penningtons said...

Blakers! Blakers! Blakers!

L Johnson said...

Woo hoo Blake that's awesome! Only one more month till we get to have some cousin fun;0)